Limited European Command Endorsement

3rd July 2010, 16:33
Just curious....
Does anyone know what the tonnage limits are for an old LECE under STCW95 II/2.?
I seem to remember that at one time, they were set at less than 5000 GT in the European area. Have they changed at all?

4th July 2010, 12:01
Limited European Command Endorsement (CLE) - vessels less than 1600 GRT operating within Limited European Area.
Extended European Command Endorsement (CEE) - vessels less than 5000 GRT operating within Extended European Area.

5th July 2010, 23:12
It depends on the ticket that the endorsement was issued onto. 15000gt on v/l's other that tankers - 5000gt on tankers for a class 4.
Same area limits apply.