Anybody knows this pilot boat?

17th July 2010, 09:52
Hi there!

I`ve got an old plan of this pilot boat but since the plan is not very detailed I`d like to have some additional pictures of this boat. Unfortunatly I can`t find any.
In the pilot boat gallery there`s one picture of a so called "MS Canal pilot boat" which could be of the same hull design but I`m not sure.

I`ve attached a small picture which is all I`ve got so far. From the tugs in the background one can tell that this picture must have been taken in Bilbao, because that`s the tugs-base of "Compania De Remolcadores I Baizabal SA", so it`s an older portugese pilot boat.
There seems to be a name written on the top of the superstructure but I can`t read it, the picture is too small....

Maybe one of you guys knows something? Any help would be great!