New vessel from CMA CGM, Christoffer Columbus

30th July 2010, 15:52
Leaving Southampton for Le Havre on the evening of the 10-7-2010!
Build in: 2009 Delivery: November 2009 Capacity: 13 344 TEU
Service: French Asia Line (FAL)
Deck arrangements
Whereas a container ship usually has a single superstructure on deck, CMA CGM Christophe Colomb
distinguishes itself by the position of its superstructure, located in the front, which maximizes space
utilization, guarantees a better visibility from the bridge and reinforces the vesselís hull. Moreover, the
tanks of CMA CGM CHRISTOPHE COLOMB, located underneath the superstructure, are protected by the
double hull of the vessel, in compliance with the MARPOL 12A regulation which will come into effect in
August 2010.
The location of the engine room, close to the propeller also maximizes space utilization.
Shipyard: DSME Length Over All: 365.50 m. Width Over All: 51.20 m
Reefer plugs: 800 plugs
Engine: Wartsila14RT Flex 96