E.on ships

4th August 2010, 19:45
are these ships still all british crewed???

Burned Toast
5th August 2010, 14:33
e-on ships?????


Pat McCardle
5th August 2010, 14:34
Lord Hinton etc; Ray

5th August 2010, 15:56
Still full British crew However only 2 out of 3 ships left Lord Citrine sold some years ago to Chinese Sir Charles Parsons apparently to go soon been anchored off Piraeus with full crew for last couple of months awaiting Eon's decision to sell or scrap, make up mind time this month. Lord Hinton, the youngest of the three apparently to last another couple of years currently running between Dunkirk and Kingsnorth PS in Medway. Nautilus currently involved haggling with Management over redundancy terms. Ships owned by Eon managed by Meridian as Lothian Shipping. Crew usually around 14 + 2 cadets all Brits

Pat McCardle
5th August 2010, 22:42
Wonder if Mr. McSwan from Skye is still at sea?

michael higgins
6th August 2010, 23:01
hey pat,you must mean john mcswan,i sailed with him for 12 months on rora head .what a bloke he was his mate was finlay campbell from stornaway mad scotsman but real good shipmates.

Pat McCardle
7th August 2010, 09:29
Thats the same bloke, Michael. I was with him for 4 months on Sumburgh Head, strong as an ox for his size.

7th August 2010, 15:23
one of the ships was layed up in the river fal a few years ago, just wondered what happened to them, mainly jock crew were'nt they???