QE2 Charters

Blue Bombay
8th August 2010, 13:22
The QE2 was chartered a few times during her long sea going life, does any have any information? If so please share it here more can be seen on the following link


6th March 2011, 18:25
I am aware of at least two - a trip to Israel around 1973 and a
short voyage from New York to San Salvador Island in the Bahamas
for the Columbus Quincentennial in 1992.

6th March 2011, 18:38
In 1987, if I recall correctly, QEII was chartered by Digital Equipment Company (DEC) to provide accommodation, conference, and restaurant facilities as part of our DECworld expo in Boston.


Peter Eccleson
17th March 2011, 23:33
Don't forget that very high profile 'charter' to the Ministry of defence in 1982 - the Falklands war!!

29th January 2014, 23:48
I can remember 2 more, New York press cruise from -to New York (paper never opened), and we did 2 3 day cruises from Bremerhaven for an insurance company (we stocked up with beer for the 2 cruises before we left and ran out halfway through the first thirsty people those Germans)

Malcolm S
3rd February 2014, 20:01
Probably the most successful charter was to the Time Life people. Although we arrived in NY six hours late we sailed that night - on time, reached our destination on time (The Statue of Liberty) and back on the berth on time!

There were of course the Crimson Travel charters out of Boston.