Reducing photo sizes so they can fit onto the site?

12th November 2005, 23:03
I have a few photos's i wish to reduce to the 97k you allow. what is the best why to do this?


blair lagerstedt

Jan Hendrik
12th November 2005, 23:19
Blair, there are many ways and no doubt some of our professional members can give you the best option, however, I use following simple method:

Go to photostudio, in here File - Open- and browse here for your photo.
Once you have the photo on the screen, go to edit, in here go to : image size

Then where it says the width: here change this to 700, automatically you see the height moving too, for dpi: go to 150 (you could do anything between 100 and 300).
Then go back to file and use: save as
here you change it it to -jpeg- and put it in the file you want it.
You could start a file under documents and call it Shipsnostalgia, this I have done and so you keep all the reduced sized photos here in alphabetical order of the ship's names.

Thereafter when you post the photo you will be below 100 kilobytes

Good luck

p.s. in case you are still told that the photo is too large (and sometimes this still happens), then you have to back to the routine and change the 700 downwards to 600 or so.

12th November 2005, 23:29
Thanks alot. I been playing with the pc and will post a photo to another post I have sent re the old siling ship "Viking". So here goes? Once again thanks for you help.

15th November 2005, 20:47

Thank you very much, the noise you just heard was the penny finally dropping! I have had all sorts of troubles with file size and your explanation above just made it so simple. Now all I have to do is replace the monster picture files I posted last night with the correct sized ones I can finally produce.


30th January 2006, 10:53
I have a picture downloaded from a site (with the owners permission) which i would like toput in the quiz thread. however, try as i may i can not reduce it as i dont have a program do do so . if anyone would like to have this picture topost in the quiz forum and the ability to reduce itplease PM me and i will e mail it to you complete with the answer to "can you name this vessel" the owner of this picture is happy for it be used for a quiz forum. you may have the detailsof the web site as well. (Promise i wont cheat and answer it!!

Jan Hendrik
30th January 2006, 11:12
Billyboy, in case you do not have photostudio (which comes with Microsoft 2000 and XP), then there is following alternative method:

Right click on the stored photo and it would open several options of which one is : send to.....mail recipient
in here you can send this as email to......and the next pop up will let you choose between real size or email (smaller) size, then you choose Email size and automatically it would go to your email send box in a new email.
This email you can send to anybody who can help you with onforwarding.
Good luck. In case of more trouble, then send me a PM.

30th January 2006, 11:19
Ahoy Billy,

Just sended a PM to you, follow the instructions, please.

31st January 2006, 00:11
greatful thanks for the assistance lads

Frank Holleran
31st January 2006, 02:25
If you go to this site you can download a imaging programme thats been around for yonks and its a freebie...
I use it all the time for some images...If you do download, go into images/re size re sample and you can resize to most standard sizes....and when you save as. it automatically saves as a lower size jpg...good luck....
PS. use the first download system on list TUCOWS.