Hello Peeps

Tony D
2nd May 2004, 20:09
Hello Peeps,Tony D, exe Merchant Navy,1960 /67, British Tankers, Ropners,Harrisons of Clyde,Tyne Tees Steam Shipping,Manchester Liners.
Been looking for a website like this for a while,
great stuff .


4th May 2004, 12:25
Hi Tony D.!

Welcome to the site.
Myself an R/O '59 to 64.
Houlders, Anchor Line, Cunard, Union-Castle, Saguenay Shipping..........
Hope to see you here often
Regards from Montreal,
Ian C

Norman Owen
28th August 2005, 13:37
Hi Ian, glad to see there are still 'Saguenay' guys around, even if the company has long since gone.
Regards from Norman Owen.

28th August 2005, 17:24
Hi Ian, welcome to the site, plenty of ex seaman here, we may have left the sea, but our minds are still sea going.

28th August 2005, 19:11
Welcome aboard, Tony. Enjoy the site and all it has to offer.