Brazilian Navy Ship "BAHIA"

29th August 2010, 10:28
Came across an interesting piece in the paper about a story told to a daughter of the sinking of a South American warship, the Brazilian Navy Ship "BAHIA", the fast scout cruiser built by Armstrong Whitworth of Newcastle, launched in1909 was at sea 500 miles off the Brazilian coast, her anti-aircraft gunners were firing at a kite towed from the stern of the ship. The gunners accidentally shot a store of depth charges on the stern which caused a massive explosion sinking the ship in minutes.
Around 300 of the crew were lost , the survivors drifted for 5 days on their rafts before being rescued

27th December 2010, 22:55
Yes indeed. It is spelled out, for example at

9th May 2012, 14:17
What happened to the theory that she was torpedoed

9th May 2012, 15:08
Shaved the stern off the ship.
Would this be the world's first "Brazilian?"