Red Sea

14th November 2005, 07:38
At the southern end of the Red Sea some 24 hours out from Aden there was a ship stranded on the western shores.. I saw her there many times during the mid - late sixties..

If my memory is correct she may have been a ex Liberty Ship.. I often wondered what caused her beaching and what became of her crew etc.Would appreciate any feed back.

James MacDonald
29th March 2006, 14:16
I seen her many times in 1963 when I was on the British Comet ,beached on a high rocky island which I think they called the Coins. I think there was another on an nearby Island too.

29th March 2006, 15:00
This has jogged my memory. One is I believe a London Greek the name of which was something Princess or Princess something. A friend of mine was a partner in this company. Maybe my brain will dig out the info. Wheres RUUD when you need him!. They had a new ship after this called DAVID MARQUESS OF MILFORDHAVEN, which I was supposed to take out on her maiden voyage as RO. For whatever reason I didnt. But it was a mouthful working her on WT/RT.
Hawkey01 (Cloud)

29th March 2006, 16:18
Reading yours again I dont think that this vessel is the one you are referring to. However the ship I mentioned stranded off Djobouti in 1963. She was the Medina Princess callsign GCDZ and was owned from 1956 until the stranding by Helville Ltd London. The ship started life as the Empire Tudor - Granddyke - Benvannoch - Medina Princess. There is a comprehensive web site with all this ships history.

Hope this will be of interest.
Hawkey01 (Read)

29th March 2006, 16:53
Wheres RUUD when you need him!.
Hawkey01 (Cloud)
I'm not the only one here, and got more things to do!!!!!.But whenever I can find or give a helping hand for a solution/info/details/photos I'll be there.
But most of all, if it's asked on a polite way.(Fly)

29th March 2006, 16:57
Sorry RUUD was not intending to be rude. Your knowledge is far greater than mine and you always seems to come up with the goods.

16th July 2007, 07:06
The boat you are referring to, raybnz, was a Greek owned Liberty ship but although I can't recall her name, the picture of her accomodation and characteristic funnel, as I saw it so many times when i was sailing up and down the Red Sea, is still fresh in my memory and definitely, it does not look like the Medina Princess.

Hawkeye01, the website you've referred is not functioning anymore.

Here is another website with the history of Medina Princess: