Another photograph of " VERT PRAIRIAL " wreck

14th November 2005, 11:11

I found this photograph 5 years ago on the web but I don't know where. The tide is higher than on the other photograph.

Why " der untergang der heimdall " written on the photograph ?

Best regards


14th November 2005, 12:27
Ahoy Pierre,

Der Untergang der Heimdall = The sinking of the Heimdall, and this photo shows her in that position.But it's not for sure that this vessel is called Heimdall, the VERT PRAIRIAL sunk in 1956
I knew several Heimdall's
1e: Rederi Svea-Stockholm-Sweden[1914] this one sunk in 1929
4e:Kaiserliche Marine-Deutschland[1892]

Note:In the Norwegian mythe: Heimdall was the God of light and the son of the "God Odin" and had 9 mothers, if I'm right?Long time ago , since I left school(*))

Kenneth Morley
15th November 2005, 01:23
Hi Pierre, The "Heimdall" do you have any more photos of her, I served on the "Heimdal" as matros out of Cardiff in 1952,out to North Africa for iron ore back to Port Talbot to discharge, I did 4 voyages on her but ended up in hospital Port Talbot. I understood she broke her back in the Biscay with a loss of all hands. She was a good ship great mates. We sailed under the Swedish Flag. It was a freat surprise and shock to see your photo memories of a great ship and crew. Kenneth