Strick Line Nigaristan

15th November 2005, 09:28
I am looking for information on the history (subsequent onwers, names, date scrapped) of Strick's 1947-built Nigaristan.

Can someone please help?

15th November 2005, 10:31
Ahoy Aristo,

Nigaristan built 03-1947 at J.Readhead & Sons Ltd.-Shields
Call/Flag Sign:GZDF
LOA x B x D:475'8"x58'10"x25'5" 2 dks.
Owner:Strick Line Ltd
Manager:F.C.Strick & Co. Ltd.
Eng:T 3Cy.26" 44" & 74"x48" & LP turbine with DB gearing & hydraulic coupling

15th November 2005, 10:42
G'day Ariosto

Following on from Ruud

Sold in 1967 to Ascendente Cia.Nav. SA Greece and r/n ASTROMAR. 1969 r/n ARIS and in 1971 delivered to Chinese breakers in Shanghai.



15th November 2005, 10:45
Forgot Pic.

15th November 2005, 16:04
Thanks guys, you've been very helpful!

Andrew Scott
27th January 2013, 11:52

Nigaristan was my first ever trip to sea

I was 5 or six years old

Bahrain to UK or other way round

My Mum Aunt Sister and me

Next trip we did was Laarderkerk

Ended up doing 10 years with UASC

May have some old b&w photos of Nigaristan in atiic at Mum's


27th January 2013, 12:11
Greetings Andrew and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

4th May 2016, 12:07
Does anyone know what this is for, and why it would have been made?
Many thanks!

4th May 2016, 17:36
Does anyone know what this is for, and why it would have been made?
Many thanks!

I think it's a launching ash tray

5th May 2016, 18:07
Did my first trip on the "Nigaristan" as third mate round the coast in 1964.Liverpool and Swansea to discharge and round to the East coast to load.Then it was the dear old "Khuzistan" for my first deep sea trip.

5th May 2016, 19:07
Hi Tony - did you ever meet my father, Norman Wray? We sailed out to the Persian Gulf (I was 6!) with my family in 1963, leaving London on Nov 5th and getting as far as Basra, I think. We must have returned around May 1964. He was Chief Officer at the time.

6th May 2016, 17:23
Hello David, yes I seem to recollect he was the mate on the "Floristan" on her maiden voyage (I was third mate). I also seem to recollect he was a nice chap, quiet and unassuming . He backed me up when, in Liverpool, I refused to attend the old man's maiden voyage cocktail parties, as I ,obviously, preferred to go and visit my girlfriend in Warrington.