Bin Sailing/Lifeboat rescues man and Wheelie Bin - merged

11th September 2010, 08:34
A rather unusual RNLI rescue

11th September 2010, 13:10
I thought dumping rubbish at sea was outlawed some time ago?

Is nowhere safe from these bins. Lets hope no one working for a council picks up on this.
We have windfarms springing up across the country. And that idea also sprung up at sea. We have multiple bins in the gardens across the country, now we see them at sea too. Where will it end?

11th September 2010, 16:31
i just wonder what the crew REALLY said about the daft ol' sod.

Chief Engineer's Daughter
11th September 2010, 21:55

11th September 2010, 22:27
His intentions were good.

John Dryden
11th September 2010, 22:46
The Welsh wheelie bin must be fairly seaworthy,it didn,t sink!

11th September 2010, 23:22
Wheelie unusual that was eh!

12th September 2010, 12:02
I wonder what sort of rubbish this bin will have in it? In my area, black bins are for non recyclable items. Maybe in this part of the country, black is for Marine Waste?