Danish Merchant Navy

25th September 2010, 20:46
I wonder if anyone can advise me on how I can find out about the Danish Merchant Navy. I'm trying to find more information about
the death at sea of my Danish great grandfather in 1908. Thanks.

26th September 2010, 07:56
Here's the English web site of their biggest maritime museum; I didn't find any e-mail adresses, but maybe it is of some interest anyway: http://www.maritime-museum.dk/english/default.asp

26th September 2010, 23:03
Many thanks for that suggestion. I'm annoyed I didn't think of trying that! I've found an e-mail address and will contact them immediately.

2nd October 2010, 17:16
I had the following reply and was successful in finding the report on the sinking of my great grandfather's ship. I'm posting this in case anyone else needs to do similar research. Thanks.

In the Danish statistics of wreckages at sea you should be able to find something. The Danish Maritime Library has put it all online here: http://www.sbib.dk/soeulykke.htm

You can open the documents of each year and search for his name in the “find” field. Most crew members who died at sea on board Danish ships have had their names mentioned in the documents.[/I]

Sister Eleff
2nd October 2010, 21:55
Congratulations on finding the report. It's good to hear of a successful outcome to your search.