Bolton's 2011 Reunion

Ian J. Huckin
13th October 2010, 13:24
G'day everybody. Please help Joan Wilson and Capt. Cooper with their efforts to get the 2011 Reunion organized. I want all of you who read this to respond to me ASAP using the PRIVATE MESSAGE option which will make sure your response reaches my email.

Here are the details:

1..The date put forward is the weekend of 15/16 October.

2..The plan would be to hold it at the same venue as the 2009 reunion – The Alveston House Hotel, Thornbury, Bristol and possibly to have some entertainment in the evening after the meal. (We have something in mind!).

In your PM to me please let me know the following:

1..Your Name
2..Your email address
3..Will you be coming
4..Will you bring a guest

As we get closer more information will be shared.


If you have any trouble leaving a PM for me don't worry, just drop me a message in this sub-forum

There will be others travelling in from the States, apart from me, so lets stick with the Bolton's tradition of having the best party possible.

(Pint) (Smoke) (Eat) (*)) (Jester) (Hippy)

Ian J. Huckin

Ian J. Huckin
15th October 2010, 15:38

Ian J. Huckin
4th November 2010, 17:15
Bump, nudge, kick, slap etc.....Need some feedback lads!

Philip Pick
12th November 2010, 09:25
Bump, nudge, kick, slap etc.....Need some feedback lads!

Only feedback? Is usually beer that Ian needs . . . . .



Ian J. Huckin
13th November 2010, 14:52
(Pint)(Pint)(Pint)(Pint)(Pint)Only feedback? Is usually beer that Ian needs . . . . .



Ah, the truth hurts so deeply. But I struggle through the pain. The fact is...I LOVE BEER! Mind you, I have a hankering for Christian Brothers Brandy...trouble is I drink it as quickly as beer and things fade away pretty quickly.

After eleven hrs drinking it while snowbound at Denver Airport somebody I had never met in my life called me the happiest drunk he had ever met!!! Was that a compliment?(Pint)(Pint)(Pint)