Capt Neil John Munro

15th October 2010, 21:31
Hi - does anyone know of Neil John Munro? I sailed with him on his second voyage as Master on the Teviotbank in 1976.

I would like to get in touch if at all possible.

John Travis Whitehead
15th October 2010, 22:29
If it's the same guy (Guernsey and Blue Star) he lives in Savannah Georgia. Was ops manager of Saga Forest Carriers but believe he retired last year. I don't know his private e-mail but if you explained your interest, his ex company might put you in touch.
Best regards
John Whitehead

15th March 2011, 20:26
Sailed with a Captain Neil Munro from Cottingham near Hull on the Corabank in the first half of 1976. Had his wife and little nipper with him[about 15 months old]. I think he was the youngest old man in Bank Line at the time. 33 years old I think. Smashing bloke. Took the Corabank right into to Darling harbour when the tuggies were on strike.