Norway coast. "MV Kong Olva"

20th November 2005, 08:15
During the 1970's I was on the Norwegian coast on board the MV Kong Olva, from the Stavanger Steamship Company. We did a frieght run from Bergin to Kirkenes and back again, with the occasional trip Salverbad Island. The ownly photos I have of the "Kong Olva" are of her forward cranes and open hatch, See attached photo, which I took during a brief stay, a few hours, in Alesund and a few looking over the rails during discharges at other ports. I never got one of her side on. Would any know where I could photo of the ship. Also is the Stavanger Company still operating.

In Stokmarknes there was a shipping Company called the "Richard With Shipping Co." I have attached a photo of his HQ. I did not going and see them and have over the years wondered if they were a deep sea or coastal company and if they are still operating. See attached photo of thier HQ.

The two other photos are: At the port of Hammerfest (70'39'48") and if you look carefully you can see a polar bear of the harbour masters office wall, that was the only polar bear I saw during my time north of the artic circle. The other photo is of me with a well known danish lady.

Any feed back or photos of the "Kong Olva" welcomed.


Blair Lagerstedt

21st November 2005, 01:29
Hi Blair,

Could the ship you are referring to be "King Olav" or "Kong Olav"?

My friend Barney Warman, veteren trawler R.O. and former Radio Superintendent of Ross Trawlers, Grimsby, has painted a picture of "King Olav", the 'Norge Bus Service' as he refers to her. He travelled on the ship a couple of times when he had to appear in court in Hammerfest and Kirkenes in the 1960s (ref charges of fishing inside the limits - "Not guilty, your Honour).

I have tried to attach a photo of the painting but not sure whether it will work or not. If it doesn't and you think it may be the same ship, send PM with your email address and I'll forward it on to you. I think Barney will have copied the painting from a photo, so if it's the right ship, I'll see if he can email a copy to you.

By the way, not sure when the last time was that there was a polar bear in Hammerfest, but they do have a Polar Bear Club, entry open to anyone who has been to the town. You get a 'cool' polar bear badge (mind you, everything's pretty cool at 70 deg. North!). Google "Hammerfest" for information.

John T.

PS Guilty! Both times - lotsa Kroner.

21st November 2005, 04:09
Hi John.

Kong is King in Norwegian or is king Kong. The photo you attached looks the same however can't be sure. Cannot remember the funnel marking either. I will send my email address. You correct about the bus service. When I was up there in the 70's one ship left Bergin each day of the week for the north and as one left, one arrived back in Bergin. From memory 3 companies operated on the run. We called Floro, Maloy, Alesund, Molde, Kristiansund, Smola, Hitra, Froya, (All below the artic circle) Bodo Harstad, Tromso, Hammerfest, then round the north cape to Vardo, Vadso and Kirkenes. All above the artic circle. Then we did the same back to Bergin. I was with Stavanger Steamship Co of Stavanger which is just south of Bergin. you are correct about the cold. See attached photos

Blair Lagerstedt

21st November 2005, 12:10

That poor lassie you're touching up on the rock will catch her death of cold. She looks frozen solid! (Applause)

21st November 2005, 16:26

I found the attached photo at

If you Google "MV Kong Olav" there are more. Also Google "Hurtigruten" (the name given to the service) for more. There is even a virtual tour for you to relive your halcyon days.

A postcard is available from (large list of other ships available for anyone interested).

As you can see, she is the same ship as in the painting. She commenced the run in 1964 and according to one site is now "Kong Olav" registered in Thailand - couldn't find a date on that.


The young lady's vital statistics 36" - 22" - 5 Bob a pound, he can't do much damage there. Further south, he could have been putting his fingers in a dyke!

John T.

19th January 2006, 00:33
Polar Bear Club Hammerfest. You pay a fee to join. All money go'es to save the Polar Bears, And to keep the Arctic Museum going. You get member ship to the club, Certificate and silver enamel Lapel pin, as seen at top left of card'.