Great Lakes Hanna Fuel Compay Lime Island

kewl dude
27th October 2010, 06:21
These yellow note pads were found on just about every ship on the Great Lakes for years. They were given out at Hanna Fuel piers in the ports listed in the masthead ad.

Lime Island was an island located in the St Mary's river on a right bend up-bound about an hour up river from Lake Huron. Ships would come around the corner and slide right alongside starboard side to. When fueling was complete ships could just leave straight forward until clear of the dock then continue the bend to the right.

Fourteen year old me took this black and white picture of Shenango up-bound light arriving at Lime Island.

A coal burner from 1905 through 1951 the Shenango 2,500 HP triple expansion four cylinder quad -- two low pressure cylinders, one at each end -- reciprocating engine was replaced with a 4,000 HP General Electric geared steam turbine and a pair of oil fired Combustion Engineering D type boilers the winter of 1951-1952.

You can see the strain on the aft mooring wire while the forward wire is slack. When tied up the coal loading rig shown will be just forward of the after house, where the shore side fuel oil connection is located. You can see the hook from the ships derrick hanging in the air that will be swung over the side and pick up the flexible fuel hose from the dock and it will be mated to the ships fuel station with a quick connection.

The starboard fuel connection is just visible behind these two officers in this undated color picture. That is Mike Scullin 2nd Mate on the left and 1st Mate Ole Neilsen on the right.

Greg Hayden

kewl dude
4th August 2014, 22:58
Found a companion Lime Island photo today so scanned it @ 600 DPI - the photo is only 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches square - this was taken before the other. It shows what fourteen year old me did: hanging over the side to take this approach to Lime Island picture.

Note the pair of aft mooring wires lead out of their chocks, that then lead forward and aft and the eyes are hauled inboard. A LONG heaving line would be tied to the business ends of both.

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Greg Hayden

5th August 2014, 00:27
good day kewl,27th oct, lakes hanna fuel company,lime island.#1.just reading old post.very interesting.great effort with box camera,thanks for sharing,regards ben27

5th August 2014, 14:56
Passed it many a time and I understand that it was a park latterly but noticed the buildings still standing were in a dilapidated condition.
There was another coaling station at Detour and there were a couple of old lakers laid up there for years.