kewl dude
1st November 2010, 17:26
20101101 Searching Google for 2010 MarAd active US flag merchant vessel inventory report I did not find it but I found the below:

Feb 10, 2010 20 page PDF MarAd National Defense Reserve Fleet Inventory

Surprised to see BB-61 USS Iowa in Suisan Bay classified Donation Asset

59 pages of 423 Approved For Public Release US Government Merchant Marine Report links

10 page PDF July 14, 2010 Marad Administrator Report to House Armed Services Committee

Greg Hayden

1st November 2010, 18:38

I looked for the US Active Fleet over 10,000 DWT listing earlier this year on the MARAD site but the latest listing was for 2008. The information was from Maritime Reporter & Engineering News Source MARAD via Lloyd's Register/Fairplay.


kewl dude
1st November 2010, 22:59
Surfaceblow as you may have noticed now that I have a high speed internet connection I am scanning some of my maritime publications collection and posting them. It was running across printed out July 1, 1998 Active Vessel Inventory Report from Marad and printed Marad April 1998 Reserve Fleet Inventory that I got off MARINE-L January 14, 1999 that caused me to search.

Most humans collect something during their life. For some reason my Dad collected window envelopes, there were two of his dresser drawers packed full when Dad died. Dad also collected maritime publications that he willed to me. Maybe because he knew I began following in his foot steps with that when I was growing up in Shenango, and continued when I went to sea and afterward.

I have a LOT and it is only the relative small ones I am working on now. Some are so large I probably never will scan them.

I have a post ready for a sixteen page Lake Carrier Association Bulletin, April-May 1969 that leads with an article about the demise of Shenango. I have a picture I took November 1961 of my 12-4 2/E Bing Miller, I was Wiper, working the Bulletin crossword puzzle at the log desk while he stood throttle watch in Lake St Clair, just after we picked them up at Marine Post Office 48222 in Detroit. LCA sent enough of each issue to each ship that everyone on board got one and there were spares to hand out to whomever.

I emailed LCA at the address given on their website:


friday afternoon October 29 and figure I will give them a week and if I do not hear from them just post it.

In my email I explained my connection and attached some of those early Shenango pictures of me I have already posted on Ship Nostalgia and asked if the paper Bulletin is still published.

I mentioned that my Dad went to the 1941 LCA Winter School in Cleveland for his Original 3/E license and I did the same thing in 1966.

I intend to include this link:

To skinner stuff from my Dad I scanned and donated to this site perhaps ten or more years ago.

When Geocities came along 1994-1995? I had a lot of stuff up on my personal MM site Another Merchant Marine Page. Another since there were already about 30 pages up here and there. Only ONE remains, Neal Schultheiss Last year when Yahoo quit Geocities they offered me "appropriate" disk space and a new url for a mere $40 a month, I passed.

I have a neat very easy to understand 20 page 1957 Sporlan Thermostatic Expansion Valve instruction book. I plan a 1965 30 page Drew Chemical Analysis of Water for boiler water chemistry since I sailed with that most, but plan to include the front cover scans from Maritec and Nalco.

I have a VERY detailed illustrated NavShips 1956 Pointers on Boiler Water and Boiler Watersides that I intend to put up before the Drew. I have other NavShips stuff. I have a 44 page 1970 Tropical Cyclone Evasion Planning from Navy Weather

A 25 page 1970 OAT Boarding Bulletin "before blowing tubes please turn to page 15 paragraph 4" on the front cover. Where it tells you unless you are a USS or USNS ship you CANNOT blow tubes. But we did maybe at midnight of a new moon in a rain storm during stevedore shift change.

I have Socony Mobil Marine Lubrication, same in Texaco and others. I have a 16 page 1966 GE black and white and color Concept of D-C Commutation. And more.

Thanx Surfaceblow,
Greg Hayden