Here we go again....

3rd November 2010, 13:20
This popped up on my home page,nature,titanic,crash,iceberg

A precis would be:

If they had seen the iceberg earlier they would have avoided it (!!!!)

There were no binoculars in the crows nest

In any case binoculars would have made no difference.

3rd November 2010, 14:33
Binoculars with a laser iceberg melter would have saved them - unfortunately they hadn't been invented then. They have been invented now, but I'm still waiting for the Patent to come through.

I have a crap internet connection and everything is very slow. Will I get a blimp at Kate Winslet's boobarinis if I put the hours in waiting to see the film clip? Everytime it comes on TV I fall asleep and miss them.

And another thing, if binoculars are called binoculars, how come telespopes aren't called "noculars"?

John T