Coonawarra - paddlesteamer

Jan Hendrik
22nd November 2005, 10:30
Operating from Mildura along the river Murray.
Passenger vessel.

Dimensions: 34m x 6.8m x 2.6m, composite
Built: 1884, in Echuca as wool barge J L ROBERTS,
rebuilt 1950 .
Engine: Diesel

The paddle wheels originate from another vessel : "Excelsior" which was built in Goolwa in 1873.

The name Coonawarra in aboriginal tribal language means : Black Swan

william dillon
22nd November 2005, 22:25
The rudder looks awful big on this ship, is there a reason for this that you know of ?.

Jan Hendrik
23rd November 2005, 00:15
Good observation.
I have no idea but my theory is that the vessel has 3 stories, is thus quite tall and surely catches a lot more wind than single deck vessels, therefore the larger rudder would assist with maneuverability.
In case this explanation does not make sense , then for sure we have many technical people (engineers) on SN who may have the answer.

william dillon
23rd November 2005, 22:00
Your explanation makes good sense to me, thanks for the reply.
Billy (Thumb)