22nd November 2005, 17:47
I was pleased to see the Pacific Ocean - in her Tirfing colours - I joined her in 1975 at Brest France when she had just been taken over by Denholm Ship management of Glasgow. As the Loch Long I spent 6 months onboard as an Engineering Officer.
After joining, we sailed for Montevideo and Bahia Blanca, returning to Rotterdam. We went back to Bahia Blanca then back to Helsingborg Sweden discharged then proceeded to Drydock in Gothenberg. After Drydock we proceeded to Esbjerg Denmark loading Chicken ( Frozen), then to Rotterdam, more chicken, then to Le Harve, more chicken, Brest frozen food various. Upon completion of loading we proceeded to Alexandria through the Suez Canal to Jeddah for the first discharge, then round to Gulf for discharge at Muscat I was relieved at Dubia.
During the voyages we had several mechanical problems.....
The Main Engine was an 8 Cyl Gotaverken Diesel - the Gensets were powered by Bergen Diesels

The bottom end in No1 Cylinder seized and came through the side casing of the engine demolishing No1 gen set.

routine servicing included Liner Changes, Genset overhauls, Pump Overhauls, centrifuge overhauls.

When Denholm's took her over she had seen service on Tirfing ( Brostrom) Pacific Ocean Service along with her sister ship White Ocean - Citrus fruit from Florida to Japan, down to Australia for red eye steaks for the USA.

I have a lot of photos of this voyage....
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24th February 2006, 19:03
To Douglas James Michael.
I was also on the Loch Long during the time you mentioned above. She was a good ship, and I remember the Chief Engineer was Jimmy Halbert who was later relieved by John Deakin. I enjoyed my time on her and the Loch lomond likewise.

28th February 2006, 19:47
Per chance are you from Lanark?
Were you an apprentice on the Loch Long - during the time she was a floating "tailors shop" for KNSM Charter and a certain cargo of Tuna at Panama
Jimmy Halbert paid off in Brest as I was joining I think he was retiring????
Remember Terry Lunt,2/M Bob Johnson S/Engr, Dave Aitchison 3rd Engr, Billy Sclater apprentice from Orkney..Now harbourmaster at Sullom Voe.....Raymond Heeps, Norman McLeod 4 th Engr...and not forgetting Hughie Newton "Fridgy" the Earl of Paisley.....
Also - were you the second half of the duo - the first being Mr Sclater - who put the ship on the shake one night after a few sodas....????????
Also our ex P&O Staff Captain John Haughton - who joined at Bahia Blanca - as the then old man needed surgery to his face after an AB banjoed him - nearly putting us aground off the Brazilian coast and running through the anchorage at Santos..
Doug Michael ex 5th engr etc etc etc

John Cassels
28th February 2006, 21:53

I really think you ought to get your act together in order to avoid a repeat
performance of the last debacle.


28th February 2006, 22:09
Wise words John- enogh said.

7th March 2006, 21:13
John - Why are you dragging up the past???? anyway it is a free country - or is it????