John "Jack" Burgess Ellermans WWII

30th November 2010, 17:47
Hi Guys
My late uncle John Alwyn Burgess sailed with Ellermans during the war doing his national service. There is very little info on here regarding that era and I have had to hunt down pictures and info via the rest of the net. I will be uploading ships pictures in due course but have today uploaded his discharge book, mates ticket etc which can be found HERE (
Its probably a long shot but it would be awesome to find someone who was on the same ships and maybe knew him.

City of Dieppe 1942 3rd Mate
City of Hereford 1942 ~ 1944 3rd Mate
Samark 1945 2nd Mate
City of Kimberley 1945 2nd Mate
Fort Albany 1946 2nd Mate