"Lamport & Holt Line" by Paul Heaton

8th December 2010, 11:44

If anybody in the Liverpool area is interested, the Book Clearance Centre on the ground floor of St. Johns Shopping Centre, Liverpool has this book for sale at 2:99 (RRP 25:00).

Lots of photographs and history, picked one up on a trip to Liverpool yesterday. (Thumb)

8th December 2010, 20:32
Thanks for that information the price is unbeleivable will set course for there tomorrow, they wont last long at that price will have to weigh anchor early and get up to full sea revs quickly.

8th December 2010, 21:03
Thanks for the imfo. have you a phone No. for Ian Allan ?

9th December 2010, 09:44
Thanks for the imfo. have you a phone No. for Ian Allan ?
I included the Ian Allan link just to show the book and it's RRP, the shop selling them has no connection with Ian Allan, as far as I am aware.


10th December 2010, 13:16
Got my book they had about six left so hurry if you want one.

8th June 2011, 09:52
I noticed yesterday that the book is back in stock and at the same price.(Thumb)

If anybody missed out last time hurry along before they all go again.