Replenishment at Sea

9th December 2010, 12:25
Some interesting instructional films from the 1950s HERE (, courtesy of Associated British Pathe.
Of particular interest to Old Strawberry will be the Wave Boat in parts 3 and 4.

9th December 2010, 15:30
Thanks Kinnie. I am sure this will bring back a few memories to those of us of a certain age whose memory still functions. Steam winches, distance lines, sound power phones (maybe they are still used), open bridges, not forgetting sandals! I can remember we used coloured bats instead of flags for signalling start/stop pumping, blow through etc. What a leap forward eh!

10th December 2010, 09:57
Indeed dab though flags continued to be used for Stern Rases.

Don Matheson
10th December 2010, 11:13
Brilliant post Kinnie, have really enjoyed watching it. Have seen one RAS where an admiral was transferred between an American destroyer and the Belgian troop ship I was on at the time. Brilliant bit of work by all ships involved.
Thanks for posting the whole lot, wonderful stuff.


Pat Kennedy
10th December 2010, 19:11
I also found this very interesting. It seems that replenishment at sea was extremely labour intensive in those days, plenty of 'Norwegian Steam' on view.
The only jarring note was the strangulated vowels of the Pathe commentator.
I had forgotten about 'Home Counties English'

donald h
10th December 2010, 21:45
A very good link Kinnie. Watched them all with great interest.

11th December 2010, 06:11
Excellent, Thanks for that Kinnie.
Does anyone know the cruiser, I couldn't see a pennant number, Town Class I think, my Dad was on the Shiny sheff around this time. Which is why I ask.

11th December 2010, 10:01
I think I got a glimpse of GLASGOW on a cap tally and the frigate is of course LOCH DUNVEGAN.
The film must have been shot in 1952 when both were Med Fleet.

12th December 2010, 08:03

RAS or UNREP as some of prefer it to be known.

Yours aye,


Pat Thompson
12th December 2010, 09:09

Slick, it's our colonial cousins who use the term UNREP, bigger navy = bigger abbreviations (exclam)

12th December 2010, 15:30
Great stuff Kinnie. I'm not sure if that was a Wave boat though maybe a Dale class but what does stand out is the lack of safety gear especially for a training film??.

12th December 2010, 19:04
It hadn't been invented. It only looks strange to us because we have been brainwashed.
Yes it could be the Broomdale. I don't think many of that class got fitted with abeam rigs.
HS would know?

Sandy Mitchell
29th December 2010, 22:47
I hadn't seen these films before and I don't think the crew on one old Tide had either. We had two (unnamed for their sakes) deck cadets who were rather unpopular with the deck hands. They had to fly home from Singapore but this was via a jackstay transfer to another ship on the way. The second cadet was in tears on deck as he saw how apparently weak the deckhands were that day with his pal's feet bouncing in the bow-wave of the two ships. H.&S.?!

King Ratt
2nd January 2011, 14:32
For Sandy Mitchell. Happy New Year. We sailed together but I have forgotton which ship, Sandy.
Have a look at this posting of mine.

Rab T