Who is Fritz Baier?

13th December 2010, 21:32
You don't know Fritz Baier?

This German sailed on traditional Sailingships when they were still in service! Off course not all but he sailed, really sailed, the last fishing voyage of the Gazella Primeiro, now Gazella of Philiadelphia, from Portugal to the Grand Banks, he crossed the Atlantic on the Cuidat da Inca long before she ended up as Maria Assumpta on Cornwall rocks and many more. Have a look on his homepage, unfortunately only in german but worth to see and if you are in Middle Germany, do not hesitate to knock at his door to chat with him about old ships. You will be surprised about his knowledge about sailingships, steamships and, surprise, steam locomotives.
His movies are well known in the german traditional sailing ship community and were seen by a lot people in TV without recognizing his name:


fair winds,

HaasenPeter from Germany