fathers war record

senior pilot
4th January 2011, 13:01
how do i find out about my fathers war record he was a tug skipper at rosyth 1938/47
wj birt 12/7/1909 -1/7/1973
medals:-defence medal 39/45
war medal 39/45
1939/45 star
1939/45 atlantic star

any help would be apprieciated a. birt

Roger Griffiths
4th January 2011, 16:40
Always a difficult one, men who served on tugs. Do you have any vessel names?
William John Birt born 12/7/1909 seems to have an unusual Dis A number 1139704. I don't know if this is a typo but it doe's make it difficult to find him.
He may have signed T124T articles and there may be records here

And also here

You would need to go to Kew to view these documents or get someone to search for you.


senior pilot
4th January 2011, 17:09
the only tug that i can come up with is the tug revue he was employed by the admiraltys c d department a picture of revue in pas/rmas gallery and as i live in scotland a visit to kew is out of the question but thanks very much for your reply a birt

6th January 2011, 15:11
Senior Pilot,

don't forget there is now an RMAS forum. It is a sub forum under Navies. You will get help there I am sure.


senior pilot
7th January 2011, 11:58
thanks roger that is my father so a bit closer to finding more out.