Birkenhead docks

john g
7th January 2011, 14:07
Any one know the background to the sunken vessel down by the four bridges, seems to have been there some time now

Pat Kennedy
7th January 2011, 15:14
Santos (late of this parish) had a full explanation for the sunken vessel in the East Float, Birkenhead, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind me reproducing it here;

" Its the SARSIA an ex Trawler/Research ship built in 1953 in Dartmouth and was owned by the U.K. Marine Biological Association. In 1986 she was bought privately and a conversion to a luxury yacht was begun. However it appears the owner had a cash flow problem and all work was stopped and nothing happened for years. She was at that time berthed on the Wallasey Dock Road side of the East Float. The MDHB issued a writ on her for mooring fees and she was impounded. The MDHB then moved her to her current position where she sank one winters night some years ago and she has lain there ever since slowly settling into mud at the bottom of the dock."

There is a photo of the sunken vessel here;


Bob S
8th January 2011, 14:49
Another shot of her here from last year. Thinks there's a few bits about her on the web.



john g
10th January 2011, 13:38
Thanks Pat the docks look quite smart in colour on a nice day.....could be anywhere in the world.