Descendants from the Ship Clontarf 1858-60 New Zealand

15th January 2011, 00:56
Hi there. I'm compiling a small publication of the history of the Ship Clontarf and am looking for personal information about individual passengers who immigrated to New Zealand on the two voyages 1858-60. Any pictures of the person or of the ship itself, or personal accounts of the voyage would be perfect. All copyright of the images and text would be reserved to you and fully referenced with your ownership in the final publication. Please private message me if you wish to contribute.
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31st December 2013, 15:02
Hello. Are you Marolyn Diver who published a book about the voyages of the Clontarf? If so, I only found out about this book today and about this request.
My ancestor, William Herbert Perkins, emigrated to New Zealand on the Clontarf's second voyage of November 1859-March 1860. However his name does not appear on all passenger lists - not on the hand-written one I have seen online and not on others I have seen. I know of his emigration because he kept a diary of the voyage and I have a copy of it in my possession. On one list I saw him listed as 2nd cabin as Mr Perkins with no initial, but from entries in his diary, he seems to be one of ten people who travelled 'Deck Saloon' which I have not seen listed anywhere except on the front page of his diary. At one point in the voyage he swapped cabins so that I believe he shared with a Mr Ashton and a Mr Austin.
Since your book is already published I do not know if the book can be of much use to you, but I thought I would write anyway.
On arrival in Canterbury, Mr Perkins travelled down to Dunedin where he met up with his auntie and first cousins who had been on board the Mooltan, the third boat into Otago harbour in 1849. He soon married his first cousin, Catherine Perkins and they moved to the Hokitika on the West Coast of the South Island where they raised five children. William set up a photographic studio and one of his sons was later mayor of Greymouth. I can provide you with more details about his diary and life it you are interested.
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