Grandeur of the Seas.

21st January 2011, 06:49
My Wife and Daughters have booked a Medi Cuise on the Grandeur of the Seas. They have never been on a cruise before so can anyone give me any info on the ship ,conditions aboard etc. Many Thanks janathull

john g
25th January 2011, 13:59
Looking at the pictures on the gallery I would say a good choice.....good company ..... not too big.....built before the "glass barges" came into fashion. Think I would ignore the damage photos ,these things happen. Enjoy the experience I would guesss you won't be disappointed

26th January 2011, 15:46
Hello, we've done the same, booked a cruise in the med. for early autumn departure from Palma de Mallorca, with a 1-week hotel stay on Mallorca before returning home. Our first cruise with RCCL was on this ship in the Carribean, in autumn of 2006. She belongs to the Vision-class in RCCL, and she is about the right size of cruiseship of our era. Big enough for all the comfort and offers you would expect on a modern cruiseliner. We have since cruised on other RCCL ships in the same class, Legend of the Seas and Vision of the Seas. We have even tried a ship in the next class up, Brilliance of the Seas, but the latter was a number to big. We have regarded the 1st cruise with Grandeur of the Seas the best we've had with RCCL, mostly for the friendly staff she had onboard, and we look forward to embark on her again.

26th January 2011, 16:24
Although not been on Grandeur, she does have a good repeat cruiser following...which in cruising does say alot for her in todays market where there are so many ships to choose from.

You are most welcome to drop by this site's sister, The Cruising Forum, which has information about the ship and the ports of may find others who have sailed on her too and can advise like Popeye has.


26th January 2011, 17:01
My Wife and Daughters have booked a Medi Cuise on the Grandeur of the Seas. They have never been on a cruise before so can anyone give me any info on the ship ,conditions aboard etc. Many Thanks janathull

hi my brother just didn that cruise, send me a private message and i will give u his email to ask him, he goes every year with that company, he phoned me today and said it was great, STORES,

26th January 2011, 18:05
I have not been aboard Grandeur of the Seas, but have the bigger Navigator and Independence of the Seas, and not too keen, far too big. Having said that, both are great for families. Just not my cup of tea.

As others have said, Grandeur is smaller being Vision class. She is 78,000gt, passenger capacity 2,435, crew 765m long, Beam 32m, Draft 7m, speed 24 knots.

She has ten passenger decks 2 to 11, with deck 11 being the Viking Crown Lounge. On all RCI ships you have the Windjammer Cafe. This is a buffet where you can have all meals, everything you can imagine, and all self service. I found this cafe much better than the main restaurants. The Windjammer on Grandeur is on deck 9 forward.

Over on SN sister site The Cruising Forum we follow members on their cruise should they so wish. Some ships have bridge cams, none of the RCI ships have bridge cams, although a couple look onto the Royal Promenade of the bigger ships, but many ports have web cams. So if we spot a cruise ship a member is aboard, or see her from the bridge cam of another ships, we post it. Then, when the member returns home, they can add our pictures as a memento of their cruise, something to look back on in years to come.

As Shamrock suggest, more information on Grandeur, all RCI ships, and indeed all cruise ships of all companies can be found on SN sister site The Cruising Forum. We also cover ships of the past, the site is not only about modern cruise ships. I have uploaded Canberra's steam whistle, possibly the only website in the world to have this. I recorded it myself in 1972 leaving Hog Kong plus all the other sounds of a ship leaving port. We also have our own Windjammer on TCF!.


27th January 2011, 11:46
Thank you everey one for your replies, they are most useful.