Cruise Ship Diaries

27th January 2011, 12:54
Although the Costa Serena is beautifully fitted out and well staffed with 1000+ staff & crew the series so far has not inspired me to take a trip with Costa. I've watched the STV episodes, apart from the dreadful voice over that appears to be directed to kindergartens, I feel some of the entertainment panders to the lowest common denominator. What do you think? Would you sail on the Costa Serena?

28th January 2011, 12:09
The emphasis seems to be mainly on the entertainment staff who always seem to be at panic stations or having some personal drama. Not an engine room in sight. The engineers only get a mention if something breaks down in the public areas and then it is the Chief or ETO who gets a brief starring role. The bridge has a little exposure. The Captain and Chief Steward seem to have leading parts as they pop up all over the ship. I am not inclined sail in her after watching the series.