RASed a Submarine?

7th February 2011, 01:13
Has the RFA ever RASed a submarine?
I never see any photos or hear of any RAS to a submarine.
It may have been required during wartime, as carried out by German "Milch Cows" to U-boats, but in peace time?

John Briggs
7th February 2011, 04:49
Back in the early 1980's there was a quite smart Russian cruise ship operating out of Sydney.
Some of the passengers on one cruise reported that when the engines stopped in the early hours they went out on deck and found a submarine alongside with stores being transferred.

jg grant
7th February 2011, 08:44
Hi Norm I've got a picture somewhere of a sub being refuelled off the WaveBaron on the Clyde in about 19 60/61. W were invited aboard. I couldn't cope for various reasons so didn't go. Regards Ronnie

8th February 2011, 18:54
an O boat fueled from a BP tanker either en route to or from the Falklands.

9th February 2011, 01:46
Bugginns, the RFA chaps may think you are talking about their O boats, but I know you mean an Oberon class deisel sub. I'm sure it must have happened but possibly due to extra secrecy they cant tell......come on, do tell...you can tell me, I've signed the Official Secrets Act.....twice! so I wont tell anyone else, honest.

9th February 2011, 16:05
If I can track down the slide I will post it - meantime it can`t be a secret anymore - there are no more O boats (of either sort) and as far as I know there were only 2 which went South.