Oregis/Personnel Basket

28th February 2011, 13:40
I,m putting together a "History" of my time offshore, although I,ve a few photographs I,ve none of crew being transferred using the personnel basket. Having been transferred in this way a few times and being honest I was Sh.....g myself whilst swinging from the crane, I,ve no photos of this event. I was wondering if anyone out there might have a photo of this process of crew-change, especially from the Oregis. Thanks Alan.

Nick Balls
28th February 2011, 15:22
Heres a good one for you, taken on board the Toisa Independent , transfer to the LB 200

Don Matheson
28th February 2011, 16:10
Good photo Nick, seems to be a newer type of "Billy" than I remember.
We always stayed on the outside of the basket, just in case you wanted to get off in a hurry, this design seems to hinder this. Transfering crew it was lifejacket on, bag inside then stand on the outside arms looped through the net.
Only bit that worried me was if the cranedriver held you over the boat during his lift. Feel I would rather hit the water than the deck from 100 feet.


Nick Balls
28th February 2011, 16:21
Yes Don , The Pic includes me who initially instructed the other person (A novice) to stand outside ! But this is not a Billy Pugh! ..........I was once lifted onto the Ekofist in winter in a force 8 off a well stimulation boat with a very small deck ! NEVER again. However this event was in 2007 and in textbook conditions ..I think the permit to work for the operation took the most manpower and time. The lift was simple! The basket is also rigid unlike the Billy....if you remember that was the worst part as the thing 'collapsed' around you before the hook took the strain. On a different occasion I recall seeing the bags and briefcase beig lost overboard after some idiot topnob had insisted he wanted a lift home off the rig..........don't think he will ever forget that day !