CANNON 400 D Viewfinder Help

28th February 2011, 20:04
My Cannon 400 viewfinder used to show the intended subject as a captured image. For some reason it now shows a grey image including various settings but not the intended image.

I have to revert to peering through the tiny viewfinder eyepiece. As a wearer of spectacles this is problematic. I have had this problem before but cannot remember the solution or corrective action.

I have full manual but my query does not appear to feature in it.

All help gratefully received.



28th February 2011, 21:04
Is the freznel screen above the mirror misaligned??

28th February 2011, 21:34

Thanks for your help: unfortunately I'm not a photographer expert and know little of the technical terms. I bought the camera new - it has very, very little use. Just took it out on Saturday to photgraph a LNG tanker at Dragon LNG when I noticed that it (subject) was not showing in the view screen.

Im sure it is a set up problem though- and I bought it for simplicity!!



7th March 2011, 20:20
In camera mode,
Press the menu button,
On the top of the screen click on one of the spanner icons,
Until you see live view function settings.
Press disable and you will see enable pop up. Press enable.
You should have live view??????
If you donít want the camera. I know a friendly home.
All the Best
Phill (Thumb)

8th March 2011, 19:30
Thank you so much Phil.

I will follow your instructions at the weekend weather permitting.