Attention all you Moderators/System Wizzkids

7th December 2005, 19:55 about giving us lot an insight into your daily chores. There are more than a few members who, I am sure, would like to know just WHO runs this show, how and from where it is run. Being an IT specialist (the birth of my first-born, 25 years ago, more-or-less forced my wife to inveigle me into swallowing the anchor) I would be very interested in the system (Unix.Linux, Windows?) side of this site. And who is the poor bugger who does a backup every night? (*))
So to those of you behind the scenes I would like to say on behalf of my 4000+ shipmates 'keep up the great work and a bloody great 'Winter Festival' to you all'.
(I mean, you gotta be politically correct these days, ain't ya?). Read that cr*p today about the schoolgirl in Derby? Obnoxious. Glad to see that at least one of our members apart from myself had the intuition to vent his feelings on the Yahoo discussion board. (Thumb)

7th December 2005, 21:02

You may be aware of this but if you open up main page, scroll to the bottom, and click on "view forum leaders", the administrators listed at the top are the brains behind all this. You can click on their individual "monickers". There is ANDY, LOGICIAN, OLLIE, STEVE.