13th March 2011, 15:45
Interesting little snippet in a cruise magazine,
The QE is a cruise ship posing as an ocean liner.
This ship is a pretend ocean liner and is suscepttible to rolling and pitching, due to its "vista" class hull design.
Compared to QE2 nicely rounded stern (cruiser) this QE is flat and unromantic. The foredeck is extremely disappointing.
So there you have it.

13th March 2011, 17:13
Thanks for introducing a definative account.
It reminds me of some of the comments posted on some of the "Passengers Report" style of cruise forums online.

Questions such as "We have heard Captain Warwick will not be sailing on our cruise in July. We are most concerned that the ship will not be safe. Can anyone confirm this report?"

Idiots with too much money.