Akassa Palm charter

10th December 2005, 11:51
Hi All, I've got a photo in my collection of the Akassa Palm wearing the Harrison Line funnel colours, can anyone throw any light as to where she went on that voyage and when it was?

Peter (Pat) Baker
10th December 2005, 12:27
have you any idea of the date of this charter?
I sailed with Palm Line 1955-1957 and Harrison Line 1957-1967 and cannot remember this charter. As Purser I sailed in numerous ships (as supercargo) that were chartered to Harrisons.
Peter Baker.

10th December 2005, 16:31
My first trip to sea was on the Harrison Lines Crofter in 1967, followed by Palm Line 69/72 in the Katsina Palm and Badagry Palm.

Your query about the Akassa on charter to Harrisions rings a bell, but at this distance in time its not ringing very loud!

However, if I did hear of the charter, then I would have had to have heard about it during my time with Palm Line.

My first trip on the Katsina Palm in 1969 was a charter for Messagries(?) Maritime out to India. So Palm Line were chartering the Katsina around that time.
I suppose its quite possible that other Palm Line ships were similarly employed.

(Katsina retained her Palm Line funnel colours during the charter)


John Duckworth

11th December 2005, 12:04
Welcome greatharwood (John) to the site enjoy all it has to offer, a merry christmas to you and your first thread is appreciated.

non descript
11th December 2005, 12:56
Welcome to the site John and you will find SN an excellent and well-crewed ship. Bon Voyage.

The French (semi-government) company Messagerie Maritime used Houlders as their exclusive broker on the Baltic Exchange and they would have concluded this charter of the Palm Line ship for their Europe/India service; but I only transferred to the Chartering desk so am not aware of the fixture details.

Far be it from me to suggest that the French are "different" but I remember that they insisted on their charter-parties being typed on a unique typewriter with an extra-wide carriage to accept their (tedious) and unique document. All other charterers were happy to be helpful and accept the custom of the trade and normal charterparty documents.

Part of MM's trade was to carry (usually on chartered ships and not French flag ones) the various components for the support of their atomic weapons testing on the two tiny South Pacific atolls, Moruroa and Fangataufa. Certain ship's crews made their feelings known by painting anti-French slogans on the quay during discharge, an activity that did not go down well and resulted in an extra clause in the CP for subsequent fixtures to try an curb the artistic enthusiams of maritime painters.

12th December 2005, 00:03
Thanks for the greetings - there seems to be plenty to catch up on!!

Re the Katsina charter - the MM supercargo was called Claude. Looking back now ( I was only young then.......) I wonder if that really was his name??
Whatever his name, he always seemed to be a pleasant chap.

12th December 2005, 15:35
Must have been a long trip out to India on the Katsina Palm as though they were well found ships speed was never a factor when running down the "Coast" and as far as I can remember they were flat out at 12.5 knots!

13th December 2005, 00:40
For Palm Line , yes, a long trip - all of 7 months!!!

17th December 2005, 11:35
To answer a question you asked me, Greatherwood, I believe the charter was sometime between 1968 and 1971, since the ship was sold in 1972 and I'm certain when she left the fleet she was in her usual colours.