Main - Collier - Sank 1917

31st March 2011, 13:28
Hello to all, I have just joined this site. I am completing family history and have found a family member died on SS Main in Oct 1917, sunk by U-Boat gun fire.

I have been unable to trace any pictures of "Main". I have checked the and the Colliery web sites also shipping lists. Would anyone have any knowledge of how I would obtain/find a picture of this 750t vessle. It would be of great interest within the family tree.

7th April 2011, 15:56
The Main was built by Mackie & Thompson in 1904. The company were taken over in 1912 by Harland & Wolff, and any records which still survive may be in their archives in Belfast. I had a look at what Harland & Wolff holds and couldn't find anything else mentioned other than the takeover, but it's possible there is something on the Main. I don't know where the archives are held but you should be able to find out easily enough. As the ship was built in Scotland, two other sources you might try are Glasgow University Archives and Glasgow Museum of Transport.

Dave W

ted nutt
9th April 2011, 07:57
Lancer morning some more info;
Steel Steam Cargo Ship
742g 313n ON 115389
195.0ft x29.0ft x11.6ft
T.3Cy 16",28"&44"-33" 134Nhp
05.1904-Completed by Mackie&Thompson Ltd,Glasgow #299 for Main Colliery Co ltd,Cardiff as Main
09.10.1917-Sunk by gunfire from UC 75,(Johannes Lohs),1.5 miles East of Drummore,Luce Bay.o.v.Belfast-Liverpool,ballast.12 dead
08.1920-Refloated by the Ardrossan Salvage Co,and returned to service 1922
1922-Ford Shipping Co Ltd,(Mann,McNeil&Co Ltd),Glasgow
1926-Sold to Tyne Tees Steam Shipping Co Ltd,Newcastle. Renamed MARDEN
27.05.1929-Sunk in collision with s/s THE SULTAN off Cromer Knoll.o.v.London-Newcastle,paper.

You might be able to get a photo of her as MARDEN,Ted

10th April 2011, 07:26
Outstanding Thankyou both, will carry on looking for photo's, pity she sank a second time.

15th April 2011, 19:18
Have been on and found my ancestor, his ships and his sailings over a 20 year period, no photos of Marden or Main found but have found photo of the Crew of Marden.

Ken Berry
23rd August 2011, 11:36
Hi All,
I am tryng to find any photos and information about the S.S.Rose Lea.She was sunk WW1 March 1917. My G/dad had left her to join the S.S.Sagamore which was sunk 3rd march 1917.He was one of the only seven survivors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards Ken Berry