Hms Plymouth and Hms Bronington

2nd April 2011, 14:51
Has anyone any idea what is happening to HMS Plymouth and Broningon

I know the Bronington has a new owner with grand ideas and a pathetic website it has no info on it
Are both ships still in Birkenhead ????


Bob S
2nd April 2011, 17:01
Hi Stephen,

Yes they are still there

Saw the Plymouth a couple of months ago and the Bronington last week



Compass Rose
2nd April 2011, 21:21
The latests news regarding HMS Plymouth can be found on F126 Message board

fingers crossed

4th April 2011, 14:53
Thanks guys Things are looking good for HMS Plymouth...(Thumb)

A friend of mine has been trying to find out whats going on with the bronnie but with no luck and as he pointed out the bronnies new web site is rubbish


Compass Rose
14th March 2012, 16:12
I have heard today that HMS Plymouth has been sold for scrap, she will be going to Turkey to be broken up. No information as to when this is likely to happen.

20th April 2012, 21:38
The HMS Plymouth Action Group has been formed to try and save the Plymouth as an alongside Training Ship for Maritime Youth Groups to use and also any other maritime training. If you go to you will find more details on whats happening.

John Henderson
24th June 2012, 00:04
According to local Plymouth (town) paper she is under contact to be scrapped but a 'save HMS Plymouth' group is looking to purchase her and use her as a training ship for sea cadets if suitable berth can be found.

14th August 2014, 16:14
The latest is that HMS Plymouth is to be towed to Turkey by the tug Amber II, departing Birkenhead in the next 24 hours. (check on AIS)
Very sad but unfortunately inevitable when the cash required to save her wasn't available.
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Satanic Mechanic
14th August 2014, 16:48
Oh lord please for the love of all that's merciful let this ship be scrapped this time - it's just getting embarrassing now

14th August 2014, 18:55
Hear, hear, SM!

gil mayes
18th August 2014, 16:35
Fully agree with you SM.

Pat Kennedy
18th August 2014, 19:53
Although the tug Amber II is in Vittoria Dock, she is not yet made fast to HMS Plymouth, in fact she is a couple of hundred yards up the quay paying no attention whatsoever to the frigate.
A Peel Ports spokesman quoted in today's Liverpool Echo would only say that Plymouth would be gone by the end of August.
Presumably they are paying the tug several thousand pounds a day to sit there doing nothing. So wouldnt it have been more cost effective to scrap the ship here in Birkenhead?

5th April 2016, 15:56
Just went by the west float Birkenhead saw that the Bronington had a bad list from Corporation Rd, googled found photos of her having sunk at her berth, sad end to go for the last Ton ship.

5th April 2016, 16:03
I thought that there was a Sea Cadet Unit somewhere in the South of England still had a wooden Ton. The GRP 'Wilton' still exists as a Floating Clubhouse sans engines I presume.

6th April 2016, 17:36
Hi Geordie Chief you are quite correct she is not the last one as I thought, in fact according to Wikipedia there are still plenty of 'TON' class ships around the world.