Permina 105, Ex Katarina

12th December 2005, 11:34
Does anyone know how she met her sad fate.
I took the photo in March / April 1970. She is the tanker "Permina 105", and is lying in the River Musi at Plaju, Sumatra, Indonesia.
She was originally the "Katarina", built, 1951, by William Hamilton & Co Port Glasgow, Scotland, for H.E. Hansen-Tangen, Kristiansand, Norway.
In 1965 she became "Permina 105", for the National Oil Mining Company, Indonesia (Permina), (run by the Indonesian army under the directorship of General Ibnu Sutowo).
The National Oil Mining Company (Permina), the Indonesian Oil Mining company (Pertamin), and the National Oil and Gas Company (Permigan) merged in 1968 to form the current National Oil and Natural Gas Mining Company (Pertamina).

12th December 2005, 14:27
Hi Stevecz
During tank cleaning operation in the Musi River,between Palenbang and Pladju
an explosion and fire on her 24-02-1970 split the vessel in two .forty- seven crue member were rescued but another five died in the blast.the wreck was refloated in two sections the following year and broken up for scrap.
i hope is good for you.

12th December 2005, 17:19
Thank you Tanker,
I thought you may be the one with an answer.
I have been transferring my slide collection to the PC and this one really puzzled me. It was a long time ago and the memory had failed me.
I can now put it in the Gallery

12th December 2005, 20:21
This is not a problem ,we are a great community ,everyone with something good!!!