Lady Head

27th April 2011, 23:36
Hello for all... excuse my bad writing english. Sorry...

COULD YOU HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm looking for any informations of a Steam ship build in 1857 at Govan Scotland.

A picture or drawing or plan will be a real gift for me.

This ship, the SS Lady Head was a government ship who navigate in St- Laurence River (Fleuve et Golfe St-Laurent) Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in years 1857 at 1878.

The first owners is François Baby. This ship was on the important wreck of the transatlantic SS ATLANTIC in 1873 near Halifax NS.

Some captain of this ship was Scott, Marmen, Matson, Davison (Davidson), Morin

I have a lot of information of this and i could exchange these info with you.... Please contact me...

29th January 2014, 20:06
You know SS LADY HEAD 1857