"War Thriller" magazine anyone want ?

Gareth Jones
7th May 2011, 17:27
I have a copy of "War Thriller" magazine (more like a comic really) dated March 30th 1940, which I dont want, yet owing to its age (and its probably the only copy left in existence) I can't bring myself to throw it away.
If anyone can give it a home I'll gladly send it on at my expense, please PM me your address.

7th May 2011, 18:27
Why don't you try taking it into a specialist shop ?

You just might get a few bob for it !

7th May 2011, 20:22
Somebody must like reading them, check this website out

7th May 2011, 20:47
Will be glad to take the mag. off your hands, am a military collector.

Iain T

Gareth Jones
7th May 2011, 21:31
Iaint has got it. its on its way.