MV Agility & Alacrity

16th May 2011, 12:20

My grandfather was Captain of the Agility and Alacrity and 1 other ship which I dont know the name of. His name was Harold J Woods, known as Splints.
If anyone remebers him or served with him I would be interest to know your thoughts about him. As far as I am aware his was quite a strict task master and enjoyed the whisky. He sadly died in 1998.
Looking forward to hearing from you all.


16th May 2011, 17:24
Hi Helen; I remember Harold Woods when he was Capt. of the Agility in the 60s and 70s. I didn't sail with Capt. Woods but saw him often over the years. Capt. Woods' nephew 'Bobs' has commented on one of the photos posted on this site, of the Agility, in the Gallery.