New Titanic Book

23rd May 2011, 23:01
Haynes have just published a "workshop manual" for the "Olympic" class - a lot of photographs in and some sketches, at first glance seems not too full of technical errors although some of the drawing attributions are sketchy to say the least (Authors Collection, when I recognise the books they came out of)

Even a mention of the infamous sluice valves (only 2 fitted though) and I'm not going to spoil the read by saying where!!

12.45 from Amazon.

16th June 2011, 17:31
We should all start saving our sheckels. Theres a ton of Titanic books, TV shows and films coming out next year. I wonder why? (POP)
Some of them are listed on my website here

16th June 2011, 19:00
A while back I read of another Titanic Book "And the Band Played On: The Titanic violinist and the glove maker - a true story of love, loss and betrayal" by
Christopher Ward. Christopher Ward is the Grandson of the Titanic's violinist and the glove maker. Of course I can no longer remember where I read the review which also had an interview with the author.


16th June 2011, 23:27
With reference to the thread about which music was played by the Titanic band as she went down, after this revelation, maybe they played something from Bizet's "La Jolie Fille de Perth", an opera about the daughter of a glove maker.

John T

29th July 2011, 08:09
I have just watched a documentary on the Titanic (yep another one) in which they were using a simulater at St. Johns in Newfoundland. Three interesting pieces came out of it:
1/ Titanic would not have had the time to reverse engines.
2/ The iceberg was a lot closer when it was first seen, around 600 yards.
3/ Titanic could have 'seen' the Californian by a super mirage.