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Robert Giordano
25th May 2011, 02:26
I am a direct descendant of William John Quider( Quidder, Quader), c1859-1873(my great, great grandfather on my mothers side). William John was a shipbuilder and carpenter in the Dunville, Port Dover area of Ontario. William John was reported to have built a number of boats- 1. 1859 Belle Brandon, schooner 2. 1862 Samuel Amsden, schooner 3. 1862 S. Andrew, schooner 4. 1863 Enterprise, barge 5. 1872 Georgiana, tug Steamer 6. 1873 Elizabeth, schooner (rebuild) I have only been able to verify three different ships- the Belle Brandon (Branden), The Sam Amsden and the Georgiana, which was rebuilt on the steamer originally known as the Dover. To date, I cannot verify that he built any of the other ships mentioned above. Information on any of these vessels would be greatly appreciated!

25th May 2011, 03:49
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25th May 2011, 12:08
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25th May 2011, 15:07

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25th May 2011, 18:52
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