Fishing Boats

whisky galore
5th June 2011, 20:18
Why when I click on a thumbnail of a fishing boat do I get a message advising that I do not have the authority to view this post?(?HUH)

5th June 2011, 21:52
because you are Welsh ?

5th June 2011, 21:57
Just joking, I think if you look a bit further and join the the fishing boat forum you should have no problems or else contact the boss's.

Reef Knot
6th June 2011, 00:03
Whiskey Galore? Cheeky young pup! I can only afford beer (when my wife allows...)

Look right at the top of the page. You will see "User Control Panel". Click on it. A drop-down menu with another "User Control Panel" will appear. Click on that one too.

A page will appear on the left of which you will see "Control Panel". Scroll down until you come across "Group Memberships". You're on your own from there and you owe me a whiskey!

Oh, by the way, welcome!! (*)) (Thumb)

whisky galore
6th June 2011, 20:38
Many thanks

whisky galore
6th June 2011, 20:42
It worked, thanks again. If you were here I would buy you a whisky, as your not I will drink it myself.

Reef Knot
6th June 2011, 21:52
You'd better drink 2, feller - I'm a thirsty boy. Slow down after 2 - I fall over quite easily! (Thumb)