Hardi - steam tugboat

Jan Hendrik
19th December 2005, 08:44
Apparently the only steam tug in the world with a Bauer Wach engine.
Developed by a naval architect in Holland back in 1946, then built in France and now a museum vessel in the inland port of Dordrecht (near Rotterdam).
With a limited draft of only 1.50 metre, this tug was exceptionally suited to work on the rivers.

Photos taken Sept 2001 when she docked in the old navy drydock in Hellevoetsluis (also nearby Rotterdam) which on its own is part of the local Maritime Museum. This drydock "Jan Blanken" was built in 1800 and is known as one of the oldest drydocks of this kind in the world. The very first vessel to dock was in 1806.

For further particulars on this vessel: http://members.tripod.lycos.nl/hardi/index.html
This website is in Dutch but you should be able to go through the various topics.
The vessel was initially launched as "Fantasque" .

The dockyard's website: http://www.droogdok.nl/index2.htm

Vessels are still docking against commercial rates.


19th December 2005, 10:20
As a biot of a "tuggie" i find her a bit unusual. look at that wheelhouse! and the rather majestic funnel! she is a sweet old thing. thanks for posting that one Jan. interesting

Jan Hendrik
19th December 2005, 12:25
They made a lot of modifications over the years. Go to the website and on your left you can scroll to various threads, more photos (meer fotos) can be looked up here and the very last photo shows her a bit like she is today.
They added a cabin on the front and the small cabin at the back has been changed again by the look.
I have not seen the vessel since I took these photos, perhaps I have an opportunity in Februari, then I will post them.

19th December 2005, 21:46
innteresting site Jan. god pictures of her. thanks