Sir Frederick Clover

19th December 2005, 21:31
Hi there everyone

Just dropped in to see if anyone can give me any information on the Tank Landing Ship 'Sir Frederick Clover'. Or where I might be able to obtain any photograhps of her.
I went up to Korea in her from Hong Kong to Inchon, horrible journey, caught the edge of a typhoon. We returned in a flat calm sea.
Any info wopuld be very much appreciated
Cheers and beers

Bruce Carson
19th December 2005, 21:57
Hi Bill:
Here are a couple of pictures of the plain old 'Frederick Clover'----I hope that it's the same ship

Bruce C.

19th December 2005, 21:59

No pictures as yet. Hope the following helps in some way.

FREDERICK CLOVER BI Management 1961-1966 , Gross Tonnage 4255
Built as LST 3001 in 1945, 1946 to the War Office renamed FREDERCK GLOVER, 1961-1966 managed by BI, 1966 sold to Panama renamed PACIFIC PIONEER, 1968 scrapped

the aircraft maintenance ship 'HMS Perseus' - the tank landing ship 'LST 3001' - 'HM Submarine Vagabond'

19th December 2005, 22:03

That is her. Your pictures tie in with the information I uncovered. Bill will be most impressed! (Thumb)

Bruce Carson
19th December 2005, 22:18
Gulpers, I guess we're in clover, as the saying goes. (sorry, 'bout that!)

There's also a small picture of her at the following URL, but she's obscured by boxcars and dock equipment. The story may be of some interest.

Bruce C.