Crossed the Bar

14th June 2011, 16:51
I saw yesterday that Capt James Binnie had passed away in Ayr Hospital
another OBO Warrior passes on.

Malky Glaister
14th June 2011, 18:54
Never sailed with captain Binnie but met him at a handover on one of the OBO's.

Sorry to hear of his passing. My thoughts are with his family.

Thanks for the info Calum

regards Malky

Doug Shaw
15th June 2011, 01:22
My sincere condolences to Jim's family. Jim was a gentleman in the finest sense of the word.


15th June 2011, 01:27
Condolences to his family at this sad time.

18th June 2011, 00:14
Condolences to Jim's family, sailed with him on the Kyoto Forest a gentleman. I remember well he organised a crossing the line ceremony with a difference, he based it on character's from Burn's "Tam O'Shanter" as we were crossing the line on the 25 th January 1972 - fond memories indeed as i played the part of Tam.

5th January 2013, 19:40
I have just been directed to this thread and can not understand how I missed it first time around.

I sailed with Jim on Nordic Crusader when he was C/O and we laid up in Loch Striven. I spent a couple of very pleasant weekends with him and his family who lived in Fort William at the time.

My sincere belated condolences to his wife, daughters and son.
Jim was a gem of a man - even when marching up and down the boat deck, playing his bagpipes. He was only learning at the time but the sound echoing off the Argyll hills was magnificent on a calm day.

oldman 80
6th January 2013, 04:58
I sailed with Captain Jim Binnie on Sevonia Team when I was c/o.
I was to relieve him some years later, and he in turn relieved me.
He was not only an OBO battler, but an Oil/Orer as well.
I have a special afinity with him, as amongst other things, he summoned me to his office one day and said, " Well Jerry, your time has come, The promotions board has decided to promote you to the position of Master of Scandia Team " then he handed me the cable which had just been received from Glasgow, and which also advised a relief C/O was on his way to the ship, and I was to get ready to travel from US (Norfolk Va I seem to recall) to Glasgow and on to Pohang in South Korea - with immediate and urgent effect.
He concluded our conversation with the words "Now go pack your bags - you're leaving us".
To someone who had left school and gone to sea solely with the intent on one day becoming a Captain, the bearer of such news obviously leaves a lasting impression. Indeed, that becomes a very special affinity between men.
Another very fine DSM Shipmaster - now no longer with us, which is indeed, very sad.
My belated condolensces to his survivors.

6th January 2013, 08:29
Condolences to the family.