Crew List

Donald A Macleod
15th June 2011, 13:23
If any of these people, that have worked with me over the years on these ships are on this site could you please let me know.

HollyBank 1968
AJ Kiff - RN Angle
J Shaw- H Waistel( The Screaming Skull)
C Medlicott
JE Budd
B Mackillop
A Powe
K Keown( 4th Eng)
T Russel(Jr Eng)
BK Banerjee( Jr Eng)
D. Chaplin (Elect), Blown away Austrailian from Ayr
M.Naylor(2/Elect, Cockney)
P Moreland
R Wilson( Arbroath)
D Macleod
P Simpson ( Preston Radio Officer)

Shirrabank 1969/70

H Langton-R Owen
G Tully
F Hunter
D Lorimer - E Stewart
J Hanover
B Mills
L Tombes
M Cooke
D Warnock
T Cumiskey
DRJ. Nixon
D Macleod
D Travis ( Radio officer)

Inverbank 1972-74( A two year Party)

Gw Paterson
DJ Rees
Hall Solomon
P Spink
D Gunn
K Kitchen
C Nelson
D Macleod
J Hanover
J Ward
A Contaratos
J Jenkins
E Best( Belfast Man of huge subtance)
M Maciver
C Crawford
R Candlin(Minty)
J Blundell
H Dobinson
A Clarke
I Gaylor
G Webster
T John
W Woods

Ernebank 1973

ET Rees
S Gledhill
S Moran
D Macleod
J Hanover
G. Rossiter
A Mackay
R Hilton
G Maclaughlin
A Irvine
I Macleod
M Macmurtrie
J Patrick
Robinson ( Radio Officer)
Ginger Robertson Marconi ( Bristol)

15th June 2011, 15:04
Greetings Don and welcome to SN. Bon voyage.

Alistair Macnab
15th June 2011, 16:41
Chief Officer, John Shaw went on to command and then become the Assistant Marine Superintendent in Durban where he was subsequently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Fortunately this was detected and worked on in good time but with the changes in Bank Line liner services he, his wife, Gwen, and their son Mark, were re-assigned to the U.S. Gulf to superintend the fleet in the region and where they successfully settled until being offered voluntary redundancy in 1980.

John then opened a thriving independent surveyors business. He moved the family to a historic Island property until his early death in
the 1990s (I forget the actual year). He was a very fine fellow, a tremendous colleague and a good friend.