dave wh
23rd June 2011, 23:30
gidday stein , i believe my g.g.grandfather left the s.e.cost of canada around 1860.cheers

24th June 2011, 07:39
The problem was where in Canada (where he lived, and if he was in on the ship's building, the ship might have been built), as my book on Canadian sailing ships has no register but is arranged according to districts. You can answer beneath this posting, the thread will come up anew.

dave wh
24th June 2011, 11:07
Thanks again Stein,Im not very computer savvy,in fact total hours would be about 100hrs.My g.g.grandfather changed our surname at his new brides request,and the new surname was bastardised thru illiteracy so following his progress in the new land is difficult.I fluked a newspaper article once that gave a date and place the Pamelia was in quarantine in Sth.Aust.Sadly never found it again ! At 1stage i also discovered he left Sth.America to leave via East coast America on his way to Oz.All adds to the mystyque I spose.Im also not sure if Parmelia is the correct spelling,but it did sink in W.A. b4 he lobbed in S.A.!

24th June 2011, 11:17
An older "Parmelia" is all over the net:

This text is from another searching his ancestors:
the /Pamelia/, a barque of 300 tons, cleared the port
of New York on 17 February 1853 and quarantine on 18 February 1853
carrying cargo and 18 crew.
We know from local papers in South Australia (AUSTRALIA) that the ship
arrived in Port Adelaide South Australia on 25 May 1853.
We also know that the ship's captain was Captain McCurdey.
After approximately 3 months in port in Adelaide I believe the Pamelia
set sail for Singapore.

dave wh
24th June 2011, 19:18
Wow Stein,you have hit the nail on the head.Have u any idea where Pamelia was built,and where? Gee ive got a warm glow inside,many thanx

24th June 2011, 19:54
I think stein has the right vessel and if so this may be of interest -- PARMELIA, built in 1841 in Quebec by John Jeffery as a ship. 141'x31'x22'. Tonnages given as 817 when new, and in 1845 Lloyd's Reg. 813 old measurement and 811 new. Owner in that year was Rankin & Co. Port - Liverpool, Master - Ross. destined voyage - Liverpool / Quebec. The earlier vessel of this name was also built by J. Jeffery in 1825 as a barque. 118'x29'x20'. 443 tons. As stein mentions there is a lot of info about her on the net if you google the name. even a town named after her and a yacht race from the UK to AUS in her memory. There was also a vessel named PAMELIA registered in Liverpool in the mid 1850's of 175 tons but I think one or other of the previous vessels may be the one you are seeking. Good luck with your search, Charley

dave wh
24th June 2011, 21:19
thanx Charley,this is all good fun.My auntie thinks the Pamelia is the ship he arrived on.Apparently 25May 1853 is likely the date he lobbed in S.A. Its interesting to see the Pamelia you found was 175tons and Stein found one of 300t. cheers mate

24th June 2011, 23:07
A warm welcome aboard from the Philippines. Please enjoy all this great site has to offer

dave wh
24th June 2011, 23:25
Cooee mate,theres lots of info tucked away in you guys minds. Terrific that ya"s guys allow me to tap into that knowledge,cheers.(on ya Albert)